StarLog Volume VII Issue 1

StarLog Volume VII Issue 1

Every business develops words, definitions and terminology that become part of the language of the trade. If you’re a designer, specifier, facility manager or building manager, learning and using interiors language and lingo helps you communicate better with and to each other. You not only sound smarter, you are equipped to make more intelligent decisions. Understanding trade words can be essential to the integrity of the job itself. At the very least, it eliminates misunderstanding and confusion. In this issue of StarLog, our goal is to familiarize our readers with commonly used flooring terms. You can’t be an expert in everything from antimicrobial to zircon, but it is helpful to understand the basics. It’s also valuable to be aware of multiple descriptions that may be used to describe the same product or process, which can vary from one region of the country to another. Some words have a slightly different meaning from one floor category to another. So, for those of you who are new to the world of flooring, and even for experienced professionals who are never too old to learn, here’s a glossary of many, but certainly not all, terms that will help you speak the same language with your suppliers, your peers and your clients.

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